Monday, July 6, 2009

SOSEN: "Pro Pedo" ?

"Sex Offender Support and Education Network"

Are the members at SOSEN supporters of pedophilia? I must ask because they have aligned themselves with a pro pedo group called RSOL/Reform Sex Offender Laws.

RSOL wants to abolish ALL sex offender registries among other things. Here are the goals of the RSOL:

1. Abolish all provisions of state and Federal sex offender registries that publicly shame offenders. There should be no internet or other public posting of the identity, photograph, address, workplace or personal information of any offender, nor should this information be available to the public at police stations or registry offices. In cases of genuinely violent sex crimes, especially against young children, and with a specific finding of a likelihood to re-offend, registration "may" be required, but information will be shared only among police officials, or if a court rules it appropriate, with institutions serving children or others who might be vulnerable to abuse. Strong penalties should be levied against police or others privy to the registration information who violate the privacy of the offenders.

2. Abolish all life-time civil commitment for sex offenders who have completed prison sentences and/or parole and probation. In cases of violent offenses and specific findings of a likelihood to re-offend, carefully constructed court hearings, with medical advice and full due process, should determine if the person may be further incarcerated, and then only for a short time and with regular review. The ultimate goal of all measures aimed at sex offenders should be their return to the community when they are not likely to re-offend.

3. Stop public vilification and demonization of sex offenders. Oppose the use in the media or by public officials of obviously pejorative language with regard to offenders. Label only actually violent acts as violent crimes - define violence simply and logically as a physical attack or threat that causes real harm. Use of the term "pedophile" should be extremely limited and accurate. Children should be defined as persons under the age of puberty.

4. De-criminalize all consensual sexual activities among teenagers. Stop all required sex offender registration for minors.

5. Abolish all laws that provide the death penalty or life in prison without parole for sex offenders.

6. Support broad sex education for children, and empower them to make their own decisions and stand up for their rights.

7. Provide accurate information and support valid research about sex offender characteristics and recidivism rates.

8. Help sex offenders re-enter society by abolishing measures which make it difficult for them to find a place to live and a decent job. Encourage support groups for sex offenders, including help with finding housing, employment, and effective treatment, before their release and afterward.


Are you aware than numerous supporters at RSOL are members of NAMBLA? That stands for the North American Man/Boy Love Association, A homosexual group of "adult" men who advocate consensual sex with UNDERAGE children!

If you signed the RSOL Petition, does that mean you support under age sex with children? Only you would know the answer to that question. Here is that petition with the signers names openly displayed:

recognize any names on the petition? Why is it that these SOSEN members would align with known pro pedopiles? Could it be that the pedos have infiltrated and influenced the SOSEN leadership? Is it really worthwhile to align yourself with the devil?

I agree that the sex offender laws need to be changed in certain situations. I think offenders like James Duncan & John Couey should be executed. But I don't believe I need to align myself along side of pedophiles who support under age sex with children, Do you?

Well Known signers:

Linda Peherson (SOSEN CEO)
Betty Price (ROAR)
LeeLee Lawless (SOSEN)
Betty Schneider
Jan Kruska (Operation Awareness)
Jackie Spurling (SOSEN)
Rev. David Hess (SOHOPEFUL)
Paul Shannon (NAMBLA)
Bob Chatelle (NAMBLA)
Bill Andriette (NAMBLA)
SEXOFFENDERISSUES (though not a signer but a huge supporter of RSOL at sexoffenderisuesblogspotcom)


  1. Aww don't be shy to add my name


  2. Did you sign the petition? If so, what name did you sign under and how long have you been a NAMBLA supporter?


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