Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ron Book: "American Hero"

Facing growing criticism over 70 registered sex offenders living in squalid conditions under a Julia Tuttle Causeway bridge, Miami-Dade officials and homeless advocates say they are working to relocate them to housing.

In the first step, eight camp dwellers will be moved to a private apartment building in South Miami-Dade in coming days, and officials are looking for a bigger place for the remaining people to be housed, said Ronald Book, chairman of Miami-Dade's Homeless Trust, who is leading the effort.

``Everybody is moving in a positive direction, but we're not where we need to be,'' Book said of the drive toward a permanent solution for the encampment, the target of mounting criticism at home and unflattering portrayals across the world.

It took much effort but a select few individuals (myself included) have been communicating with Mr Book the past few years, reasoning with him in trying to find a solution re the sex offenders living under the bridge. We know that eventually the Dept Of Probation will try and place other probationers under the bridge, so were working on that issue as well. To those who have lambasted Mr Book, (and you know who you are) tuck your little tail under your hind legs and scamper away!

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